1. Certificate for welding of hull structure and steam boilers issued by GL, PRS
  2. Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR) approved by DNV, LRS, GL, UDT, TUV, PRS, in accordance with PN-EN ISO 15164-1 , ISO 15164-2, and offshore standard DNV-OS-C401, M-101, M-601
  3. Welder's certificates issued by DNV, GL, PRS, TUV in accordance with norm PN-EN 287-1 or EN ISO 9606-1 and EN ISO 9606-2
  4. Certificate of International Welding Engineer in accordance with norm PN-EN 14731 or IWI-C
  5. Certificates for non destructive testing of welding seams in accordance with norm EN 9712 in the following range of application:
  • VT2 - issued by TUV
  • MT2, MT3 - issued by Welding Institute
  • UT2- issued by Welding Institute
  • PT2 - issued by Welding Institute
Welding Supervisor
Quality Control Inspectors


  • Certificate for paint coating quality assurance issued by Hempel
  • Certificate for paint coating according to Norsok standard issued by Hempel
  • Seagoing ship paint coat supervision within the scope conforming to IMO SOLAS II-1/3-2 and MSC.215(82), MSC.216(82), MSC.244(83)
  • Inspector with competence equivalent to NACE-Coating Inspector Level 2 and FROSIO Inspector Level III
  • Approval of Hempl, Jotun, Sigma, International, Kansai


Certificate for manufacture of pressured /non pressured tanks and pipelines issued by Polish Technical Authority / UDT


Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 by PRS and Quality Management System of Welding ISO 3834-2 by TUV; EN 1090-2; EXC4 by TUV; DNV-GL welding workshop approval certificate


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