Wind Energy Construction

Navikon specialises in providing sophisticated services for the wind energy sector. Our highly professional and skilled workforce allows us to undertake projects of any scope and size. We have demonstrated our capability of executing large, complex and advanced projects by providing the leading companies operating in the wind energy sector with seafastenings, grillages, foundations and secondary steel.

Advanced Beam and Pipe Profiling Technologies

The technology and solutions evolve, and we follow close by. Our latest investments in the advanced beam and pipe profiling technologies allow us to produce premium quality oversize steel products dedicated for wind energy industry within tight schedules and with high efficiency.

Wind Energy Constructions

Navikon SRY is able to provide structural and machined steel fabrication services for components which need to precisely match the project requirements. We know how demanding the wind energy constructions industry is, and that is why we go the extra mile to meet even the most rigorous requests. Continuous investments in the know-how, production facilities and workforce development allow us to provide the highest quality services in accordance with industry best practises.

Wind Energy Fabrication

Our strategically located facilities include medium scale fabrication and assembly capacity coupled with the most experienced team of workers.

Bespoke Solutions for the Wind-Power Industries

For over 25 years now, Navikon has continuously been providing satisfying services for the largest companies in the wind-power industry. In order to meet the needs of every Client who turns to us for support, we operate on a project-centred basis. This means that we are ready to engage in custom-tailored projects, where solutions have to be adjusted to a specific client. Let us know what you need, and we will get it done!

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