New Floating Docks

Principal dimensions:

Length =123,21 m, Width outside/inside =30/25 m, Depth above=6 m + 1,0 m for trimming, Lifting capacity: up to 5 000 tons


  • ideal for shallow waters – pontoon depth only 2,5 m
  • wide inside – 25 m which enables mechanization of work around the ship,
  • very strong, monolith construction,
  • product of Poland, all materials and equipment European make,
  • Hempel’s guarantee on total painting 5 years,
  • built and certified under IACS class of Polski Rejestr Statków (PRS),
  • two cranes fixed type 5 and 8 Tons, remote controlled,
  • special winch system for lead ship into the dock reducing number of dockmen to 4 persons,
  • environmental complying with European requirements,
  • electrically autonomic – class accepted 4 (or 6) units generator sets Atlascopco QAS 125
  • special rotating fender on ship gate allowing for smooth lead of the vessel into the dock
  • equipped with special tensometer system for control of dock hull deformation (specially important for heavy vessels),
  • prepared for towing on harbour water with ship docked inside,
  • operational at normal pier on mooring ropes
  • Delivered as turn key product.
  • Production time: 12 months
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