Repair berth in Świnoujście, 5 m draft, 200 m
Loading berth 8 m, 400 m

Repair berth in Szczecin: 7 m draft, 300 m


mobile cranes: up to 100 tons
Floating crane up to 270 tons
Trailer up to 120 tons


Hall No 1: crane 10 tons; crane 8 tons; gate 11,5m x 5,8m; height under the hook 4m, workshops
Hall No 2: cranes 2×5 tons; gate 8m x 5,4m; height under the hook 4,3m, workshops
Technical gases in accordance with the HSE.
Steel hall – 3 pcs.

Plasma burner

3000 x 12000 up to 120 mm for steel;
aluminium, acid-proof and stainless steel up to 25-30 mm

3D cutting

[supsystic-tables id=1]

[supsystic-tables id=2]

Anti corrosion

copper slag
grit blasting
hydro-dynamic spraying

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